Monday Mini Meditations

So unless you have been living on a desert island or under a rock you could not have escaped all the news and hype around the American Presidential election and of course, the winner Donald Trump.

The campaign itself was harsh and divisive and seemed to escalate to a whole new level of nastiness.

However, it is not my intention here to comment about political events and their outcomes. Instead I wish to comment about the stress incurred by the population of this global village, when such a challenging event occurs on the world stage.

Throughout the build-up to the election there was a concerted effort to focus on the use of blame, self-righteousness, shame, intolerance, victimisation, and guilt, presumably with the idea of increasing worry, fear and anger amongst the general population and particularly against an opposing party. Whilst it appears it certainly did achieve that, there would have also been a reverse effect – amplified feelings of helplessness and hopelessness, despondency and even depression.

This event has created a massive tsunami of stress worldwide with people engaging in the “fight” response – just checkout social media or the news; or experiencing the “flight” response – huge outpourings of grief, dismay and loads of uncertainty about the future.

And even if you didn’t really care about, or completely avoided, this event by not following any media, you would have still been soaking in the collective consciousness, the cloud of energy, it created. Perhaps you may have even noticed how your own emotions shifted and changed during this time, despite a lack of obvious reasons for this in your personal life.

So how can we reduce the stresses of an energy vortex in uncertain times? Can we avoid contributing to an unhealthy collective consciousness?

I believe we can do so by:

  • Reducing personal stress
  • Monitoring thoughts.
  • Focusing on Love and Compassion
  • Using the power of blessing.
  1. Reducing personal stress – practice your regular stress busters daily – use whatever works best for you to release the pent-up feelings that contribute to low-grade stress.
  2. Monitoring thoughts – you alone are responsible for your thoughts. Reacting to challenging and negative situations with negativity simply creates more of the same. Concentrate only on that which raises your energy and brings a positive vibration to the world. Even if you feel you cannot possibly control your thoughts, shift your attention to ways you can be of service. In this way, your mind has something else to focus upon.
  3. Focusing on love and compassion. First of all fill up with love and compassion for yourself – it is the only way. Then let that flow from your heart out into a world that desperately needs more of it
  4. Using the power of blessing – send a blessing of healing light to yourself, your loved ones, to the negative and problematic ones, and to the world. Positive energy counteracts negative energy.

Meditation, I believe, is a wonderful way to practise these tools. Meditation is in itself a natural stress release and is also a great way to observe thoughts and course-adjust as required. It is also an opportunity to consciously take time to build more love and compassion and to extend blessings.

Try this loving kindness meditation to release stress and build a stronger focus of positivity:

  1. Firstly consciously relax your body – let the tension release from your muscles. It signals to the body that you are no longer stressed.
  2. Slow down your breathing and breathe gently and evenly.
  3. Notice your thoughts without judgement and make note of any that might need shifting.
  4. Now imagine you are in a sanctuary, a sacred place. Notice the beauty, the light, the high vibrational energies.
  5. See an image of yourself in your mind’s eye and focus on extending loving kindness and compassion to yourself. Say these words:
    May you be happy. May you be well. May you be safe. May you be peaceful and at ease.
  6. Now bring to mind other people – maybe a family member, a neighbour, workmate or acquaintance, and also, if you are able, someone you have difficulty extending kindness and compassion to. Say these words to each one:
    May you be happy. May you be well. May you be safe. May you be peaceful and at ease.
  7. Now see white light pouring down into your sanctuary or sacred place. As you breathe in see this light filling up your heart centre.  Extend a radiant blessing of light from your heart towards yourself firstly, and then to whomever or whatever comes to your awareness.
  8. When you feel your blessing is complete, allow yourself to gently return to the present moment.  Notice how you feel – perhaps more energised than before.

Should any of these practices feel too challenging for you, simply muster up as much of the energies as you can each time you go into meditation.  Then keep practising.

Let’s be the change together.

From my heart to yours,